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Olayan Singapore

In 2019, The Olayan Group established three entities in Singapore: Olayan Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Olayan Investments Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Olayan Capital Pte. Ltd. (“Olayan Singapore”).

While the Group has long had investment exposure to Asia, this is the first physical presence the Group has established in the region. The Olayan office is located in Singapore’s Central Business District overlooking iconic Marina Bay.

Olayan Singapore’s investment focus in Asia spans real estate, private equity, fixed income securities, and listed equities. The Singapore team comprises both local professionals and members of Olayan’s global investment team. They coordinate closely with the Group’s other offices. 

The Olayan Group chose Singapore as its Asia location for a number of reasons. The city state is a window onto the wider region and also a bustling financial center in its own right. Its strong financial sector is open and transparent, supported by a legal framework on par with the highest international standards. It also has top talent and world class educational and cultural institutions.

In short, Singapore provides our people a secure, productive, and stimulating environment to live and work as we expand our activities in Asia.