The Olayan Group is a private concern that combines the strength and security of a decades-old institution with the nimbleness of a family-owned business. We have the financial capabilities to participate in major transactions, the resilience to withstand market volatility, and the agility to quickly capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

While we rely primarily on our own independent analysis, we also draw on our strong relationships with an array of outside experts in finance, business, and economics. This first-hand exposure to world-class ideas, combined with an internal culture that encourages communication across geographical boundaries, has helped the Group achieve a strong track record of exceptional growth.

  • Maintain a long-term horizon
  • Regard large investments as partnerships
  • Get to know and trust senior-most management
  • Solid fundamentals
  • Enduring franchises
  • Other indicators of intrinsic value
  • Public equities
  • Private equities
  • Real estate
  • Fixed income securities
  • Other specialized assets
  • Geographic focus
  • Specialized by asset class
  • Backed by in-house and outside research